Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eleven Little Black Cats

Eleven little black cats
Sitting by a pen.
One caught a fat mouse.
Then there were ten.

Ten little black cats
Sipping kitty wine.
One sipped too much sips.
Then there were nine.

Nine little black cats
Swinging on the gate.
One left for sushi.
Then there were eight.

Eight little black cats
Tried to climb to heaven.
One grabbed a big bird.
Then there were seven.

Seven little black cats
Swatting dogs for kicks.
One smacked a bad dog.
Now there are six.

Six little black cats
Eyeing the bee hive.
One eyed the wrong bee.
Now there are five.

Five little black cats
Sitting by the door.
One sniffed some catnip.
Now there are four.

Four little black cats
Resting 'neath the tree.
One went to climb it.
Now there are three.

Three little black cats
Playing with a shoe.
One grabbed the laces.
Now there are two.

Two little black cats
Out for a run.
One gave up jogging.
Now there is one.

One little black cat
Sitting in the sun
Drove the other ten away.
Now he is done.

And now he is done.

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