Monday, July 27, 2009

Garnet Treasures to Battle Economic Recession Blues

Here's the next in the series of bracelets and matching earrings for vanquishing economic recession. Why?

Because hand-made is simply better than mass produced.

It encourages a sense of aesthetic.

It shows you thought about your purchase.

It helps support artists.

It's really, really pretty. See?




These bracelets are priced at $39.99, with free shipping. It barely covers the cost of materials, and certainly not the cost of labor or design, but it keeps the good karma going.

There are, of course, matching earrings. These are made with garnet rounds. The flowers, of Czech glass and Swarovski crystals, hang beneath the garnets.


Just one question. When we see the light at the end of the recession tunnel, will it be beaded?

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